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Product was really good


To be honest it's the most comfortable wearing. Either to walk or to sleep or for an outing or whatever you name, it fits you in. My weightage towards your material is 100 times more than the Jeans or any other clothing materials available in the market. My apologise if i had under rated your product initially.

Loved It

Valuable for money

It was amazing experience

Awesome shirt

I love the fabric its cool

Burdeos - Classic Shirt
Manivel Periyasamy

Very nice and good quality shirt

Olive - Zipper Shirt
Figo varghese

100% Nice Product

Good quality and perfect fitting.

Great Product

If earthy and relaxed floats your boat, Wellbi's proposition is hard to beat. There’s an honesty about the brand and the product they make. they’re good for almost any occasion.

I like that they just want to give you a really good shirt with character that gets the details right. Subtle, but with its own distinct identity.

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for smart, earthy shirts with modern inspiration.

It was great experience

Product was really awesome, packaging was good. Overall I would like to give 5 star

Just looking like a woww.

Product was really good

It was just awesome


It's the best quality cotton that I have come across in recent times. Very elegant looking and totally comfortable to carry all day long. Can be worn both as a dress and a kurti. The position of pockets is also very different and convenient.

Nice Packaging, Finest Fabric.

Right from the packaging, wellbi imperssed me. The fabric, too, felt really good, unlike harsher alternatives out there. Casual or formal or everyday, the shirt fits all occasions. Also glad to be helping the rural weavers AND the nature. There is 0 guilt here, unlike fast fashion! Would definitely recommend and buy myself more!

Great product. An even greater concept!

First of all, this shirt exceeds the description in terms of quality of fabric, comfort and elegance. Feels very light and perfect when it is warm around you. To add to that is the great concept that Wellbi brings to you. Reaching artisans from remote parts of the country and bringing out their finest work to your doorstep is a concept that is a no brainer but glad somebody is actually bringing it to action.
Happy customer at the end of the day :)

Perfect 👌

The material is just soo light that I never felt I was wearing a shirt , even at a scorching heat , felt cool . The stitching is perfect and just like tailor-made to fit your body. Loved the colour , overall just perfect 👌👌

Awesome Quality,Loved the product

Opus - Zipper Shirt
Praveen Upadhyay

Good Quality product

Awesome ❤️

Incredible product! Exceeded my expectations. Couldn't be happier!♥️

Amazing product

Loved the fabric quality

Superb quality

Wellbi shirts have top-notch quality and style. Highly recommend! 👍